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Accounting & Finance


At Association ROI we make the accounting and financial requirements for trade associations affordable, efficient and effective, providing management with strategic tools and financial insight.  For many trade associations, financial statements are not produced timely, accurately or in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).  For these organizations, critical data on the profitability of programs or products as well as the cost of services provided are not readily available or require excessive effort to produce sub standard results.  The annual audit is a time consuming and painful process that results in an IRS Form 990 that is not easily understood and financial statements that are too late and not a useful tool to management or the board.  In order for decisions on the core competencies and direction of your organization to be made, accurate financial information should be easily produced and readily available.

General Accounting & Finance Services


Each engagement is customized to fit the needs of your organization making your investment effective and affordable.  We specialize in providing the following financial tools and processes to your organization: 


  • CFO/Controller Outsourcing

  • Business Process Improvement

  • Financial Reporting & Analysis

  • Internal Controls

  • Budgeting & Forecasting

  • Audit Preparation & Support

  • Cash Flow Analysis and Reporting

  • GAAP/FASB Compliance


CFO/Controller Outsourcing

For many small to medium-sized nonprofit organizations and trade associations, outsourcing the CFO or Controller needs of the organization on a part-time basis is a common sense solution when the skillset provided by a CFO or Controller is not affordable or not necessary on a full-time basis.  At AROI, we provide the senior level financial expertise needed to help your organization grow and your financial operation mature, and we do so in an efficient and cost effective manner.  


Financial Reporting & Analysis

It is common in many organizations to have monthly and annual financial statements that are not accrual and GAAP based, not produced timely and provide little insight, analysis or correlation to the operational activities of the organization.  AROI professionals work with your personnel to change this by implementing processes, procedures and oversight that result in accurate and timely GAAP based monthly financial statements available to management by a specific, fixed day of the month. 


Budgeting & Forecasting

For many organizations, the annual budget is a time consuming process that results in a mediocre product that satisfies board requirements, but provides management with little guidance or comparative analytics.  Individual program, product or service budgets are not created to support the overall budget nor are schedules such as employee related expenses, overheads, marketing, etc.  At AROI we work to make the annual budget a useful tool supported by anticipated business and historical facts against which actual results are measured throughout the year. 


Cash Flow Analysis and Reporting

In recent years the economy has tightened and the measurement and performance of cash flows has never been more critical either through decreased contributions, dues or demands by the board of directors as a result of an uncertain economic outlook.  The cash flow needs of an organization are receiving increased attention in regards to the forecasted inflows via contributions, donations and/or dues and also the cash outflows or the cost of operating the organization.  We recognize the importance of cash flow management and forecasting and this is a critical component we offer and perspective we provide.


Business Process Improvement

Most organizations are aware there are areas of their business that can be improved to operate more effectively and intelligently.  It is important that the back office accounting processes not only function efficiently but that they do so in coordination with the operational processes of your organization, which results in a seamless, effective and efficient business model.


Internal Controls

The internal controls for many small and medium-size nonprofits and associations are lacking due to staffing constraints or policies and procedures that have not been implemented.  Often times the lack of controls are identified by the organizations audit firm as “significant deficiencies” in the management letter and may include items such as segregation of duties or procedures that lack control around banking or initiating wire transfers.  Many of these controls can be remediated by implementing simple procedures. 


Audit Preparation & Support

Your annual audit does not have to be a time consuming, painful and drawn out event resulting in financial statements with little insight, delivered months after your year end with an audit letter full of deficiencies.  The best way to approach and complete your annual audit is to ensure your internal monthly statements are complete and accurate eliminating any surprises or significant adjustments making the audit a validation of the processes and controls that your organization has in place.


GAAP/FASB Compliance

In order for an organization to truly know how it is performing and how each segment of the organization contributes to the financial strength and stability of the organization, financial statements must be GAAP based and completed in accordance with Financial Accounting Standard Board (FASB) rules. For nonprofit organizations and trade associations this is FAS 116 for recording contribution revenue, FAS 117 for financial statements and often times SOP 97-2 for revenue recognition. 

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