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Frequently Asked Questions


At Association ROI we believe that the relationship with our clients should be as transparent as possible.  Below are answers to some of the most common questions and general guidance as to what we provide and how a relationship with our firm would fit with your organization.  As always, please fell free to e-mail us with any additional questions or comments that you may have.  Our initial consultation and e-mail correspondence is free of charge.

 01   When/why should I use an outsourced senior level professional?

There are several reasons to use an outsourced senior level professional at your organization.  Many are discussed on the Advantages of Outsourcing tab of this site.  Perhaps the most common reason is for organizations that don’t have the need for a full-time senior level professional or it is not cost effective to employ one.  Another common reason is when your staff could benefit from the guidance and experience of a senior level consultant on an on-going basis.  Lastly, your organization could benefit from an independent advisor who can recommend and implement improved policies, procedures, system use, reporting and analysis.



 02   How do your engagements fit within our organization?

At AROI we offer two types of engagements, each of which is custom tailored to your organization.

  • Flat Monthly Fee – These engagements are for companies that require monthly oversight in the form of a senior level professional.  A scope of work and responsibilities is developed along with monthly deliverables, improvement initiatives and annual goals.  This is a long-term relationship engagement similar to one that you may have with an outside counsel and follows the benefits and value-added services listed in this site.  These engagements are billed monthly at a flat, all-inclusive rate.

  • Project Based – These engagements are project or task specific.  On these engagements we work with the employees involved in the process or procedure after a set statement of work is agreed to.  A project plan is developed and updated throughout the process with specific deliverables and updates provided at specific intervals.  These engagements are billed hourly or for one flat fee.



 03   Do you work at our office or offsite?

Association ROI specializes in virtual office technology.  While we certainly can work on projects at a physical location, it's not usually cost-effective for our client.  From secure file sharing, cloud-based applications, to effective online communication solutions, we are manage your non-profit more effectively and at less cost with a virtualized office.  Of course, we support you face-to-face events and board meetings with on-site staff as needed.



 04   Do you charge for the initial consultation and what should we expect?

We do not charge for the initial consultation or e-mails and correspondence relating to the potential engagement.  The initial consultation, e-mails and potential follow-up is used to define the scope of work to be performed, our responsibilities and the deliverables you can expect.  We also want to make sure that AROI is a “good fit” for you and your organization.  We do not work with all organizations that approach us for our services if we feel we can’t provide a benefit to them.



 05   Will I lose control of my intellectual property or accounting records?

Absolutely not.  Your information and intellectual property is yours.  Our deliverables are yours.  With our accounting services for example, you will actually have increased control as the accuracy of your books and records will be greatly improved and the data from which you make decisions will be more meaningful.  Your books and reports will become a true management tool.  We never recommend changes without first reviewing the impact with appropriate personnel and defining and recommending new processes.  That decision is yours.



 06   What agreements are signed?

Once the scope of work and rate is agreed to, your organization and AROI will sign a consulting agreement.  For retainer-based engagements this is a one-year agreement that you can cancel with thirty days notice.  For project-based agreements, the agreement covers the anticipated timeline and deliverables for the engagement.  In addition, we will sign a non-disclosure and confidentiality agreement so all information regarding your organization remains confidential and is protected.


 07   Who will be working on my engagement?

All partners at AROI are senior level professionals with a minimum of 20 years experience.  These C-level individuals will be the primary, an in many cases the only, professionals working on your engagement.  You are not assigned junior level personnel.  For some special projects, AROI may bring in other consultants but your organization will approve all personnel assigned to your engagement beforehand.


 08   What makes you different from a temporary agency or AMC?

We are much more flexible and base our engagements on building and maintaining a personal and professional relationship with the organizations that we work with.  We are able to schedule and work around the schedules of you and your employees, not necessarily following a fixed day(s) or time schedule.  Further, you are working and scheduling directly with your assigned consultant and not a manager that is off-site.  Our senior level experts fill the gaps within your organization.


 09   If we hire AROI, what is our commitment?

In addition to the agreements noted here you would commit to the following:


  • Access to needed personnel – We work around schedules as needed.

  • Access to computer systems – Depending on the nature of our engagement, we will need access to your accounting system, membership database, meeting planning systems and potentially other systems on your network but with proper controls in place.



 10   What do you charge?

I am sure we are not the only firm you will be looking at and for most their rates are not published.  At AROI we are different and believe in transparency.  We believe your time is valuable and do not want to take up your time with meetings when your budget will not support the services we offer.  In general, our flat monthly fee agreements range from $1,500 to $5,000 or more per month.  When pricing, we look at the anticipated commitment we will need to make for a twelve-month period so there are no additional charges or surprises for you.  The flat monthly fee agreements are agreed to for a twelve-month contract period and can be cancelled with thirty days notice.  Flat monthly fee agreements are all inclusive.  

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