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General human resoucrces services

We have a diverse group of consultants at the senior and junior levels available based upon the client’s needs.  We strive for long term client relationships, taking the time to gain a thorough understanding of the organization’s business goals and strategy, and the leadership competencies needed for success.


We consider clients’ positions in the marketplace and business lifecycle, their competition and their culture. We have a high retention rate among our client base.  At AROI we fill the gap by providing you with a part-time Director of Human Resources at an affordable price.

Human Resources

At Association ROI we help our clients develop innovative human resources solutions. We provide expertise to associations at a reasonable rates. Our success comes from combining the latest human resources consulting techniques with customized research and quantitative analysis. 



Human Resources Projects

Clients may need help with specific projects that focus on human resources staffing structure, human capital strategy, organization development, compensation, benefits, compliance, recruitment, performance management, employee relations, employee retention, employee training or management development. Based upon the client’s needs, we develop a tailored plan that outlines the goals, research and benchmarking, milestones and deliverables for the project.


Ongoing Consultation

This option may be best for organizations that require executive Human Resources guidance, transition services or a specialist to augment the work of the current Human Resources department.


Strategic Advisor

For organizations lacking a strategic human resources executive, AROI may act as an advisor to the board and executive team.


Human Resources Management

This approach typically includes a dedicated generalist consultant providing virtual or onsite management. The consultant acts as a day-to-day resource for ongoing Human Resources activities and specific areas, such as recruitment, compliance or employee relations.

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