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Publications and Technology


One leg of the "three-legged association stool" is publications and it requires organizational commitment.  


To be successful at publications requires experience, confident decision-making and an ability to innovate.  Traditional publication programs can be tricky to manage with complex production challenges and financial models that sometimes defy logic.  Engage AROI to bring publications expertise to your staff and we can help you develop a robust peer-review or book publishing program!


Publications don't end with traditional print publications.  In fact, rarely does it even start with print.  AROI can help you with your next-generation strategy focusing on online publications, print on-demand, electroninc content aggregation and content subscription models.


AROI professionals also have a deep understanding of other technology areas including information technology, web site development, association management systems, electronic commerce solutions, meeting registration, social media strategies and applications, just to name a few.  

Publication Services


AROI can provide your organization with experienced publication professionals to assist in the development of strategy, program development and support for day-to-day operations.  Consider contacting Association ROI for assistance with your:

  • Publication strategy, budgeting and business models

  • Newsletter - development and production

  • Scholarly Journals - platforms, production workflow, technology solutions

  • Book program planning, development and production

  • Electronic journal planning, out/in-sourcing, technology solutions, production

  • Abstracting services

  • Subscription databases

  • Print on-demand publications

  • Copyright/trademark registration 

Information and Web Technology

AROI professionals have nearly two decades planning information systems, content management, membership management and web site systems and technologies.  At the very cusp of our lead technology partner launched one of the first association portals and e-journal aggregation systems.  Other innovations included cutting-edge career center/fair software, custom search engine development, and xml-based publication software implementation. AROI can also advise on user-interface design and organizational taxonomy strategies for content aggregation and knowledge management.  Social media technology and distance learning strategy are also core competencies.   


AROI can also assist with computer network and association management system evaluation and implementation.  It's often to your advantage to have an IT strategy before acquiring systems and that strategy not only helps you spend your dollars more wisely, but helps ensure you ultimately make the right investments for you organization's needs.  If you're looking for strategy and project management support, call AROI!


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