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Who is Association ROI and what do we do?


AROI is a association-focused consultancy comprised of energetic and highly-experienced "C-level" association executives.  We've been in your chair and we've worked with dozens of consultants ourselves.  We are united in our belief that there are a lot of opportunities left on the table when engaging outsourced consultant services.  We believe we have a better and effective solution that will give you the ROI you expect.  Read more about why our outsourcing will work for you!


What challenges do most small and medium-size associations face?  Certain compenticies that are tied to your organization's success may lack the management resources or are not core competencies such as accounting, lobbying, strategic development and meeting planning.  Outsourcing your senior level functions on a part-time basis, interim basis or for special projects is a highly efficient and effective strategy.  Some of the advantages to outsourcing and hiring AROI are:

Focus on Your Core Business
When you outsource your senior level functions it will allow you and your management teams to focus your skills and passion on what you know best and transfer the burden of these responsibilities and oversight to us while you maintain control of your organization.
Cost Savings
Outsourcing your senior level duties on a part-time or interim basis with AROI saves your organization money when compared to hiring a full-time employee.  In addition to the annual cost of an employee’s salary, you save on healthcare, 401(k) matching, vacation, bonuses, employer taxes, training and related capital expenses. Many office functions are complicated in nature and small and medium-sized Associations are often prevented from performing them at a consistent level and reasonable cost.   Outsourcing is the solution.
Application of Best Practices

By hiring AsROI for your senior level needs you are assured that the “best practices” learned while working with and for more than 100 small and medium-sized organizations will be applied and used to improve your organization.  You will receive an improved understanding of your organization resulting in fewer surprises and more control for you, your board and management team.

Improve Productivity Levels

Your entire organization will see improved productivity levels when you can provide useful, management-friendly data.  When you hire Association ROI we will work with all departments to improve the workflow within your organization and provide all departments with meaningful data from which you can hold your team accountable.  We streamline the processes, reduce any duplication and maximize the capabilities and use of your systems and employees.

Achieve High Levels of Accuracy
By outsourcing your senior level responsibilities to Association ROI you will receive a guaranteed high level of accuracy in the reporting and analysis we provide and within the departments we lead or support.  We take a bottom-up approach and by implementing controls, improved workflow and process improvements; the core data from which we report will be improved and accurate.
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