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Executive Management and Organization Strategy


All associations are challenged to attract and retain the kind of C-level talent who have the experience to guide organizations in discipline areas essential to organizational success.  Small and medium-sized associations are particularly at risk as they do not have the operating budgets to allow permanet staff in top strategic and program development positions.  One way these organizations often look to overcome these staff "gaps" is through consulting engagements.  However, AROI will often recommend a novel approach.  With our affordable retainers, you can have an experience executive  working with your organization at a fraction of the cost of a full-time position.  Our C-level executive management partners can provide you on-site support for strategic visioning, international program start-up and operations and ED/CEO/COO interim and long-term solutions, 

Executive Management


AROI can provide permanent or interim CEO/ED services, including board of directors interfacing, executive coaching, board meeting support and faciliation, executive retreats and strategic planning, and day-to-day executive management services.  Our executive consultants have practical experience having worked as full-time executive directors and have capability in all areas of operational responsibility.


Organizational Strategy


Our professionals have extensive experience in translating a strategic vision to innovative and sustainable program development which maximize member value and critical non-dues revenue streams.   We would be delighted to discuss our "context-based" blue-sky process and how it maximize the opportunties for your organization!

International Strategy and Development

AROI also has extensive experience developing association strategies, membership programs and planning and administering conferences in international markets.  For nearly two decades, our consultants have worked in Europe, Asia and South America supporting assocation strategies and conducting international conferences and tradeshows.  We have worked through the challenges of administering programs, dealing with foreign vendors and finances, and overcoming significant barriers confronting most associations to develop critical membership mass and servicing their needs.  It takes great experience for association programs to be operated effectively overseas. AROI has learned these lessons and should be on your short-list of consultancies to call when you need help abroad!  


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